Public Services We Offer

We pay CASH to recycle your scrap metal!

We’re always looking to buy/recycle ferrous & non-ferrous metals, including steel/iron, aluminum, brass, carbide, copper, lead, nickel, stainless steel, zinc, catalytic converters, misc. auto parts and more. We also pay for select electronic scrap.

We accept any old household metal items like old appliances, cast iron sinks and tubs, siding, old pipes, insulated copper wire, car rims, batteries & more. We DO NOT accept whole automobiles or frames.


All appliances must be free of any CFC’s before you can sell. At our facility, we require that the compressor be removed as well, prior to selling any appliance containing Freon. We will buy the compressor separately but it must be removed prior to selling.

We have a state-certified scale with digital read-out and we make it a point to reward you generously for choosing us. Please call or e-mail for up-to-date pricing and info.

Commitment to Community

As a professional and concerned business, we are proud recyclers for a greener earth. It is also our foremost priority to protect the local community and statewide utility services from an influx of theft and destruction that has occurred over the past several years. Not only do we inspect and confirm ownership of material as it is brought in, we also require proper documentation so as to prove this. Below is a section of the City of Detroit code and State of Michigan Law that we adhere to in all respects:

“It is a criminal offense to purchase or receive any article or material:

  1. From any person under the age of eighteen (18) years
  2. From any person without identification or a license
  3. That is the property of the government, a business or a cemetary and the person does not have a written receipts or other documentation which indicates where said person obtained the article or material
  4. That is the subject of a theft-alert report from any law enforcement agency or a member of the public.”

Michigan Public Act 99

Requirements state that any material that any restricted material exceeds a $25 threshold either for one ticket, or for one full business day, is subject to a mailed payment in the form of a check or voucher which can be redeemed on these premises.

Restricted materials include:

  • All copper including wire, sheets, pipes and fittings
  • Catalytic Converters
  • Air conditioning components including coils, condensors, compressors and shells